Welcome to Vital Vibrations Sound Spa, your sanctuary for holistic and vibrational wellness. Immerse yourself in the soothing waves of Vibrational Sound Healing, revitalize your energy centers through Intuitive Energy Balancing & bask in the illuminating power of Chakra Light Infusion Therapy. Elevate your Being as we harmonize mind, body, and spirit for a profound journey toward balance, vitality, and restorative relaxation.


Meet Your Service Provider

Hello beautiful soul! My name is Krista Meyers, and as the owner and service provider here at Vital Vibrations Sound Spa, I'm glad you've taken the time to visit. As a highly spiritual individual, I've dedicated my life to an ongoing inner journey, discovering the profound strength of intuition from a young age. Over the past two decades, I've delved deeply into various facets of the spiritual realm, immersing myself in practices like visualization, meditation, mediumship, chakra & energy work, and transformative breathing techniques. My explorations have taken me to retreats across the globe, each experience adding layers of wisdom and insight. One of my greatest joys is exploring diverse cultures and landscapes around the world, fueling my spiritual growth and deepening my appreciation for life's myriad experiences. Beyond my spiritual pursuits, I cherish my roles as a devoted mother to two wonderful children, and as a partner to my soulmate. Opening up Vital Vibrations Sound Spa has been such a beautiful, and deeply rewarding experience. It fills my heart up with so much joy to be able to be of service to others, and provide a unique holistic approach to balancing mind, body & soul. I look forward to nurturing you.

"I never thought I could relax this much! I don't think I ever have. Best experience ever!"

  • - Jennifer V

"This was the best feeling. I have never felt so relaxed! Can't wait to come back!"

- Jill B

"This was a game changer! I felt such an emotional release. Krista, you are a true healer!"

- Melissa P

"Krista was a kind and loving presence to be with. It was

such a wonderful experience!"

  • - Jenna D

"Krista has truly incredible healing hands. I was so deep into relaxation and meditation."

- Mary M

"Wow! Such a huge energy block release for me! Thank you for sharing your gift with me."

- Sara C

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