Transform Your Life with the Revolutionary BETAR Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy & Chakra Balancing!

Soothe your mind, body & soul with the power of sound vibrations and energy healing!

BETAR & Chakra Balancing Session (45 min) $60

BETAR Only Session (60 min) $50

BETAR Only Session (30 min) $30

BETAR Add-On To Any Service (15 min) $10

Inner Vitality Packages

3 BETAR & Chakra Balancing Sessions

+ 1 BETAR Add-on

$170 ($190 value)

6 BETAR & Chakra Balancing Sessions

+ 2 BETAR Add-ons

$320 ($380 value)

Peace & Harmony Packages

6 Half Hour BETAR Only Sessions

$160 ($180 value)

6 One Hour BETAR Only Sessions

$250 ($300 value)

This unique service combines the healing power of music and a total-body sonic energy massage with soothing low-frequency sound & magnetic waves. The array of speakers focused along the midline of the body allows users to literally feel the music as the sound waves pulse through them in complete comfort, and without excessive volume. In addition to creating the sound waves it also produces a field of magnetic energy that pulsates in perfect synchronicity with the music. This magnetic field stimulates every part of the nervous system, and also provides energy to the aura, the body’s natural electrical/energetic field. Like ripples on a pond, the sound waves resonate outward through every muscle, organ and joint in the body. The gentle music massage melts away deeply-held patterns of tension, stress & pain and provides immense deep relaxation.

Chakra balancing is a hands-off approach to wellness that supports the body's natural ability to heal itself. It's the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system-the vital energetic centers of the body. Chakras play an important role in spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and when balanced, they provide an overall sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

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